Vatican Issues Decree of Validity

26/07/2017 09:01

A Goods News in Vigan.

In a Holy Mass (27 June 2017) presided by Archbishop Marlo Peralta, Archbishop of Nueva Segovia, commemorating the 63rd Death Anniversary of the Servant of God, ALFREDO F. VERZOSA, a good news was read and explained to the public by Archbishop Ernesto Salgado, Archbishop Emeritus of the same archdiocese.

Archbishop Salgado read the English Translation of the Latin DECREE OF VALIDITY issued by the Vatican Congregation for the Causes of Saints (CCS) on 2 June 2017 bearing the Protocol Number 3070-6/16. Through the said decree, the dicastery has recognized the validity of the documents and interviews collected attesting to the life of Heroic Virtues and Fame of Sanctity of the Servant of God, Alfredo Verzosa. The inquiry conducted by the Special Tribunal established by the Archdiocese of Nueva Segovia was also affirmed. Thus, giving the signal of the writing of the official documentation of the Cause called, "Positio." The Postulator, Fr. Samsón Silloriquez, OAR takes this work with the guidance of a "Relatore" officially appointed by the CCS.

After the writing of the "Positio" which would take sometime, it will be presented to a team of Theologians for review. Once the team gives the "Affirmative" stance, it will be brought to a team of Cardinals. Once the cardinals give "Affirmative," the case is brought to Pope Francis for his approval of the DECREE OF HEROIC VIRTUES.

It will be then, that the Servant of God, ALFREDO VERZOSA becomes "Venerable." It means, the candidate is worthy of veneration and has to wait for Divine affirmation through one major miracle. This process will end at Beatification.


Peralta-Alamares House. Oxon Hill, Maryland. (27 June 2017)

*Grabbed from Rev. Fr. Ericson Josue's facebook page.