Prayer for Beatification


Prayer for the Beatification  of Bishop Alfredo Vezosa 

Lord, our God, through the Most Sacred Heart of Your Son, 
we thank You for having given us Your faithful shepherd, 
His life is an exemplarymodel of humility, 
obedience and patient endurance in suffering. 
He revealed to us Your compassion for the multitude 
By his example of love for the poor and the needy. 
Grant us, through his intercession, 
the grace we ask of You. (Mention your particular petition or favor) 
And if it is Your divine will, may his sanctity be lifted up to the altar 
so that in him more people will be drawn to You 
We ask this through Mary our Mother 
in Christ Jesus our Lord. Amen. 
With ecclesiastical approval for private use only 
Vigan City 24, October 2006